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Patriot On Purpose

About the Podcast

Patriot On Purpose* is more than a podcast; it's a growing community, a symbol of strength, and a reminder that together we can overcome any challenge that comes our way and live our best lives.

Every Wednesday hosts Nate Hopkins and Adam Lantelme and their fascinating guests will be delving into the heart of what it means to be secure, healthy, wealthy, happy and free in a n uncertain world. We want you to feel confident in your ability to face life’s challenges head-on – whether growing a business, being a great parent, improving your health, bolstering your safety, or living a life of freedom and liberty.

We draw inspiration from the iconic symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty, standing tall and resolute against the backdrop of a black and gold canvas. Our conversations are as bold as our imagery, and just as empowering. 

Each episode of Patriot On Purpose* is a beacon of actionable knowledge. We feature expert interviews, real-life stories of resilience, and practical tips that empower you to take charge of your life. We believe that true liberty flourishes when you’re prepared, confident, and equipped to protect what matters most to you. 

We’re going to have a lot of fun, we’re going to learn a lot, and we’re all going to make a difference – together. Because being a Patriot On Purpose* is about open-minded conversation that’s never boring, always entertaining, sometimes controversial, and 100% helpful. 

Topics range from personal safety to emergency preparedness, business success to abundance mindset, faith and mysteries, to health hacks, parenting, and much more besides, all while celebrating the core values that define our great nation: patriotism, freedom, and unity. Together we’ll navigate the complexities of today’s world, embracing the principles that make our nation strong, secure, and proud and leave you feeling confident, empowered, and deeply patriotic. 

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Adam Lantelme

Adam Lantelme is one of the most skilled marketers in the world, and has the bonafides to prove it.

He has used his copywriting and marketing skills to generate more than $200 million in sales in the past eight years.

He excels in commanding attention in the increasingly crowded digital marketplace to beat out his competitors and create sales opportunities where there are seemingly, none.

He truly understands his customers and what makes them buy. He knows the hidden pain points that prompt people to pull out their proverbial wallets and shell out money on a product they’d never even heard of before. He knows their most intimate desires, and he is able to speak to those desires in a genuine manner that generates a proverbial waterfall of cash.

Perhaps most important of all, he cares deeply about the products he creates and sells and works his ever-loving tail off to make them better so he can make the boldest claims imaginable to get millions more people to buy from him.

Nathan Hopkins

Nathan Hopkins, Director of Business Development for Sicuro Brands, is a skilled growth strategist with a track record in turning technology and business into protective measures. Known for prioritizing integrity and people.

His experience comes from transforming the startup Touchstone Publishing into a $100M leader in digital marketing education, and driving growth at BioTrust Nutrition, where he oversaw $450M in direct-to-consumer sales and boosted the company from $40M to $130M annually. Hopkins combines innovative insights and dedicated leadership to achieve impressive results.

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